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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why, why, why

I, too, would like to know why the people explode!

And yes, it is nearly 5:00 and he is still in his pajamas. Such is life.

1 Dancing Princess

Just a few posts ago I told you about my daughter's need to be the star of the show.

Now I have proof.

Went to an outdoor concert recently and this time I had my phone with me!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

All things pretty

I think Zoey has been reading a little too much Fancy Nancy. She is obsessed with all things pretty these days.

She has been listening to a CD from the library that is about a Princess Tea Party. They sing a song about manners and etiquette. So she was dancing around the house yesterday singing it at the top of her lungs but she was singing "manners and eloquent" I told her the correct word was "etiquette" and tried to explain what the word etiquette meant and why it went along with manners. After my long motherly explanation she simply looked at me and said "etiquette doesn't sound like a pretty word. I only sing words that are pretty" and then went back to singing "manners and eloquent"


Later she came downstairs with a stuffed dog she got several years ago. She got is a few years back at the Kued Super Read-a-Thon party, meaning her two brothers had the exact same dog. So at the time I had written everybody's name on the tag. (a very motherly thing to do, I know) The kids also went a step further and gave their dogs names, which I also wrote on the tags for them.

Zoey's was named Ruff, and until recently this name has suited said dog just fine.

Yesterday she was in tears as she carried Ruff downstairs. The conversation went a little like this:

Zoey: Mom, I don't want this dog anymore.
Me: Oh yea, how come?
Zoey: I just don't want it anymore.
Me: Ok. We can give it to somebody else who will love it.
Zoey: I still like the dog but I just don't like's name. It's not pretty.
Me: Well, you can give it a new name if you like.
Zoey: But Ruff is written on the tag!!!!! How can I change it's name ton something pretty when it's name will still be on the tag?????
Me: We could cut the tag off if you'd like.
Zoey: (more tears) But then how will I know which one is mine?
Me: Because yours will be the one without a tag.
Zoey: (tears slowing down as she ponders this.) So then I could give it a pretty name?
Me: Yes. You can give it a pretty name.
Zoey: (smiling) OKay

And off she skipped.


Although apprently her obsession with all things pretty does have it's limits. The other day she told my mom, "Grandma, I figured something out. There is Father's Day and Mother's Day, and Garbage Day, and Laundry Day."

I, for one, do not find garbage or laundry all that pretty. I'm so glad that she ranks those two items right up with the day to Honor her Mother.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Zoey-sims

Zoey was walking around the kitchen with a bag of chips. I asked her to sit up to the table or take them outside to keep the crumbs off my floor. She ignored me and got crumbs all over the floor, so I asked her to sweep.

She pulls out the broom and says "Mom, since I'm a princess you are my wicked step mother because you have been mean to me today."


Mom, you are a bad mom because you need to read your scriptures to make you a good mom.