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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prima Ballerina

Zoey recently completed a community ed dance class. She has been BEGGING to take dance lessons for months. For awhile I got out of it by saying she could only be in preschool OR dance, but not both. (because with 3 kids who has that kind of time and money? Really?)

So she patiently waited until preschool was over...

preschool graduation
(Zoey with her cousin Moira at preschool graduation)

...and then started right back in with the questions. Usually it went something like this "mom, don't you think it's time for me to start ballet?"

I debated about a dance studio. But they can be expensive. And on top of the expensive class cost there is another charge for costumes. And they usually do a recital in December, and we're going to Disneyland for Christmas and will be out of town.

I also considered the possibility that even though she's been begging for dance lessons she'd lose interest in a month or two.

So-we went with community ed.

I did spring for ballet shoes, though. Because they were BOGO at Payless.

Getting Ready for the First day of dance class



She LOVED it!!! She looked forward to Tuesday. She talked ALL day about going to dance class. She would come home and practice. She was smitten.

At the end of the 6 weeks they did a little recital. The dance were all short because they'd only been in class for 6 weeks. But it was just right.

This movie was actually the practice in the dance room BEFORE the recital. Because during the actual recital she got put on the back row so the video isn't as good. This one was just taken with my iphone, the real camcorder in my bag still.

All my pictures from the day of the recital are from my iphone, too. I had decided to leave my good camera home, opting instead to take the camcorder (I can't work them both simultaneously. Go figure!) And then the good video I got was from my iphone anyway so I really should've left the camcorder home. But, you know. This is life as a mother.

Picture 389

Picture 394

A Prima Ballerina is born!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Sweety

My kids don't play house. At our house when one pretends to be the dad and one pretends to be the mom they say they are playing Little Sweety. I have NO idea where they came up with that because I don't call them that. But, that's what it.

So the other day they were playing Little Sweety and I heard Adam say, "Let's pretend that the dad snores, because all dads snore."

And now a random picture of Adam because there aren't nearly enough of those on this blog.


The other day Zoey was making up nonsense words. Adam told her "That's not a real word."

She said, "Oh yes it is. Every word needs a vowel and it has an "o" on it. So it's a word."

Isn't it obvious?

Parts came home for the annual primary(children's Sunday School) program a couple weeks ago.

Zoey's part is "God is the Father of my spirit and I know I am special to him." It then asked that she name 1 way she knows she is special to Heavenly Father.

So I asked her, "Zoey, do you know that you are special to Heavenly Father?"

"Yes." she replied.

"How do you know you are special?" I asked her.

"Because He loves me."

"But how do you KNOW he loves you?"

"Because everybody does."