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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Zoey-sims

Zoey was walking around the kitchen with a bag of chips. I asked her to sit up to the table or take them outside to keep the crumbs off my floor. She ignored me and got crumbs all over the floor, so I asked her to sweep.

She pulls out the broom and says "Mom, since I'm a princess you are my wicked step mother because you have been mean to me today."


Mom, you are a bad mom because you need to read your scriptures to make you a good mom.


Emilee said...

cute pic of zoey! love all they say. was reading the meal time drama. lol! so sorry! i do like the idea of saving for a trip though with the kids helping. this is what i have heard and do sometimes:
"lunch is served from 11:30 - 12:30. after that, the kitchen is closed till i serve dinner at 6." you pick what is for each meal. i use picking what they eat as a reward they can earn, not something that normally happens. i do the same for dinner. served for 1 hour then kitchen closed till breakfast. good luck! now tell ME how to get them to eat veggies!!!!!

Liss said...

ouch! but then jonah says he needs a new mom (or we need a new boy) or that we make his "feelings bad"....

orangemily said...

So creative with insults!