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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School-the baby's story

Harrison's Mouse ears from our trip to Disneyland. Has nothing to do with the story about the first day of school, I just haven't posted any of our Disneyland pictures yet.

I forgot to mention the BEST part of the first day of school.

Harrison's ears being embroidered. Sadly, many of our Disneyland pictures are blurry, because I still didn't quite get the correlation between aperture and depth of field. 

Once we had dropped the kids off and had arrived back home Harrison jumped out of the car and ran full tilt into the house screaming "I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


orangemily said...

What a kid!

Holly said...

That is awesome! Seems to be a common sentiment, based on a few other moms I know who have all their children in school now.

I love how each of your kids picked out a different hat!