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Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Having neglected this blog far longer than I should I decided to do Flashback Friday over here this week. Hope you don't mind. (Of course you don't mind, you get to see cute pictures of my kids when they were babies! Who wouldn't like that?)

My Sister-in-Law Emily gave me a little Tigger baby outfit when my first was born. She gave it to me because it was Orange and her favorite color is Orange.

My mother gave me lots of stuffed animal tiggers because I sort of had this tigger fetish in late high school/early college (hence my email address to this day is still nikitiger, stemming back to those days.)

So, as a new mom, home from work for 12 weeks on maternity leave with my very first digital camera I got this brilliant idea for some photos when Adam was about a month old.

Adam and Tigger, best buddies




When Zoey came along I pulled out the box of old baby clothes looking for anything that wasn't gender specific, came across the tigger outfit and thought, what the heck.

Zoey and Tigger, best buddies

best buds

Wiggly Zoey

Zoey & Tigger

2 kids

Adam loves Zoey

So of course by Harrison it was a tradition and we just had to do it yet again.

Harrison and Tigger, best buddies

Tigger Harrison

Little tigger face

Tigger Harrison

3 kids, how did we get so many?

are they cute or what?


KASH said...

Too cute!

Andria said...

Oh, the wonderful thing about tiggers are tiggers are wonderful things!

orangemily said...

I absolutely love those pictures!

musing said...

Four words: A Dor A Ble! :)

HeidiPie said...

Tigers are sweet when they're at your house!

Annj said...

What a great tradition. Good picture idea and cute kids.