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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lasting Impressions

A few weeks ago we took the kids to the Open House of the new Draper, Utah Temple. It was a great opportunity to show the kids the inside of a temple and to talk to them about how important temples are. There was also an added bonus in that this is where my sister will be getting married next month so we got to tell the kids all about Aunt Natalie getting married here.

We took extra care to show them the beautiful chandlers in the Celestial room. We paused a little longer in the bride's room, telling them about how this is where Aunt Natalie would be changing into her wedding dress. We held each one up in the sealing room where large mirrors on each side of the room reflect endlessly off each other, a symbol of the eternal nature of the marriage that are performed in that room.

So of course I was please yesterday when Zoey said to me "Mom, do you remember when we went to the temple where Aunt Natalie is getting married." I smiled to myself and answered that yes, I remembered. She then went on to say, "I remember lots and lots of dressing rooms."

Note: I'm super paranoid about copyright infringement and so please go here to see pictures of the inside of the Draper Temple, including the sealing rooms and the Celestial room. You won't, however, find any pictures of the dressing rooms because, well, they are just rows and rows of lockers and who finds that interesting?


orangemily said...

That's so sweet and funny!

HeidiPie said...

I love the Temple and I'm so glad that we have this way to let our kids see.

Ryan said...

When I was just a wee lad (Uhh, looking at dates on the internet, I guess I was 8) we went to the Bountiful temple open house. Twice actually, I think, and guess what...I distinctly remember the Baptismal font, and the dressing rooms! I think the baptismal font because water? and what little kid doesn't like water. The dressing rooms I remember because it seemed like they went on maybe that's why Zoey remembers them too. I mean think about it, the dressing rooms in those temples are pretty big, and if you're only 3, they're HUGE!