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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I stepped outside just now to take a dirty diaper to the curb. As I approached the house again I heard frantic crying coming from inside and, I have to admit, my first reaction was "I hope they didn't get anything on the floor, I just mopped it yesterday."

If that's not a sign of a wonderfully caring mother I don't know what is!

Turns out Harrison had climbed up to the table and tried to help himself to some of my Cherry-Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. Which, he of course, promptly spilled.

Good news though is that he managed to spill it on his shirt, which did a good job of absorbing most of it, and not a drop of it landed on my freshly mopped kitchen floor. SCORE!


orangemily said...


KASH said...

Alrigh! YESSS!! :)

Damselfly said...


Annj said...

That so sounds like me. Seems like right after you mop there is an instant spill.