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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brand Conscious

On Saturday I bought Adam a new pair of shoes. He needed dress shoes but Famous Footwear was having their buy one get one half off sale so of course I offered to buy him a pair of tennis shoes, too. He is starting school next month and will need them.

So, of course he picks out a pair of Sketchers that have lights that blink. I tried to talk him into a different, less ostentatious pair, but this was love at first sight. I'm too cheap to buy brand name shoes for my kids when they grow out of them in 6-8 months. But I was getting them half off and I also had a $10 voucher from their rewards program. So it brought the fancy shoes down into a price range I could stomach.

The next day I heard him call to Zoey, "I'll be right out. I just need to put my Sketchers on." I was taken aback. While shoe shopping the day before the word Sketcher had never been said. I merely called them tennis shoes. So how did he know they were Sketchers? So I asked him.

Of course he looked at my completely dumbfounded and in his very best "duh mom" voice he said "Because they have a big S on them mom." I think he may have even rolled his eyes at me.

But this did not clear things up for me, since the only television he watches is PBS. So whatever his exposure to the Sketcher's S logo it was limited. And yet he still knew that his shoes were Sketchers. And he's only 5.

Damn, those marketing people are good!


HeidiPie said...

Yes, darn it all. Although, Allie has sketchers too, and calls them by that. And yes, I bought hers at a reasonable price too.

orangemily said...

I know blast those marketing geniuses!

Karen said...

How does that happen? Still I would say better than the Wild Child telling you what gadget you need when you are trying to get something done and then recites the infomercial for you.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Isn't it funny when kids surprise you with what they know? I heard my son preparing to beat on his drum and he said, "Ah one, two, one, two, three, four!" Where did that come from?!