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Friday, June 26, 2009

Flashback Friday

I decided to do Flashback Friday over here today because I realized I never showed off my kids Halloween costumes. Yes-Halloween in June. Because I worked so stinkin' hard on those costumes I need to make sure at least 2 other people see and appreciate them.

I have this thing with doing themed Halloween costumes, so all the kids are dressed in coordinating costumes that somehow relate to one another. Last year (2008) it was Monsters, Inc.

Are you ready for the cuteness? Do you think you can handle it?







Wow, what adorable kids! Nice lookin' costumes, too. Their mom must be really talented. (or have a grandma who is talented who helped out a decide.)


KASH said...

Those costumes are the bomb! So cute!

Michael said...

Nobody know the time involved in these costumes like I do. They did turn out very nice.

orangemily said...

They look awesome! I think you better start on this year's now.

Jen said...

those are adorable. I can't believe that you made them. Totally talented.

HeidiPie said...

FINALLY!! I've been waiting since before Halloween last year to see them. THANK YOU THANK YOU. They are everything I imagined, but oh so much more. And the kids..well they wouldn't be costumes without those adorable kids. Fantastic! I think it was the best idea ever.

Annj said...

I was hoping to get to see pictures of these costumes you talked about. I am glad you posted them even if it is months later. Cute.