Life with kids is ALWAYS an adventure. And I have 3 who are only 3 years apart. (yes, we're crazy.) This is my place to capture the craziness in all it's glory, because childhood only happens once. (thank goodness!)

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Monday, January 4, 2010


2 pairs of Snow pants, 60% off at Shopko: $24
2 pairs of Gloves, 50% off at Kmart: $9
2 pairs of Boots 50% off at Landsend: $35

4 hours of warm outdoor play with dad: Priceless


orangemily said...

Fun! That's a cool looking snow fort!

HeidiPie said...

Nice fort! I found another idea online today. For those kids who like spray bottles...and who doesn't...fill it with colored water and let them go color the snow. I think that's what my kids will be doing this week.

Karen said...

Love this!!! Great memories for years to come.