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Friday, February 19, 2010

You're my what?

Overheard at lunch

Moira: Adam, when I say to you that you are my BAB then you have to say back to me that I'm your BAB.
Adam: It's not BAB. It's BFF
Zoey: Yea, because we are friends forever so it has to be BFF
Moira: Adam, you are my BFF
Zoey: No, just me and Moira are BFF. Adam has to be a BFF with a boy.
Harrison: (in his super cute 2 year old toddler voice) Who is my BFF? I want a BFF.


Megs said...

I love listening to kids talk. They come up with some pretty cute things.

Karen said...

Oh that is cute!!

I will be Harrison's BFF if he will let me give him squeaky kisses.

orangemily said...

Oh goodness, I love it! these kids crack me up!