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Thursday, March 18, 2010


My oldest never ceases to amaze me. I know I'm a bit biased because I am his mom but I think the kid is brilliant. He is always coming to me and telling me his "big idea" or something he has "figured out" by thinking things through logically. I should be keep record of more of what he tells me but I'm a mom and I'm busy and distracted and well, I just don't always do what I should. And I always tell myself "Oh I'll remember." But I always forget.

But here are a few from recently that I haven't forgotten.....yet.

Adam spent quite some time setting up a little "show" as he called it. He actually used all his Pixar Cars toys to set up a scene and then made us all tickets to attend the show. He stood at his bedroom door and took our tickets, which were apparently front row tickets as he directed us sit on the bottom bunk bed. (Not an easy thing even for me, and I'm short!)

And then, before the show began, he looked at me in his matter-of-fact way and said "I have worked hard on this and you are going to be so impressed that after you see you are going to want to get your camera." (and, of course he was right. Movie to follow.)


Yesterday I took my kids downtown to the Children's Museum. Something I've done dozens of times before. But for some reason yesterday the kids were particularly impressed with the tall buildings. As we drove into town they just kept saying wow. At one point we were on a walking bridge that went over the street and Adam look at me and said "Is this New York City?"


I made cinnamon rolls Monday night for Family Home Evening treats. They have been sitting on my counter, tempting me for days now. So this morning I fed them to my kids for breakfast. (I never feed my kids sugar for breakfast) The younger two dived right in. Apparently they knew mom had lost her mind and they wanted as much of that sugary goodness in their bellies before she came to her senses.

But Adam, always the responsible one, said "Why are you giving us cinnamon rolls for breakfast? Don't you think they are desserts?" As it is, he ate all his cereal and his yogurt first and then just a little of his roll. As he climbed down from the table he said to me "I am saving the rest of my cinnamon roll to have as dessert after my lunch."

Really? Whose child are you anyway? If you ask my husband he says that Adam is me, incarnate. But trust me, I NEVER complained about having a cinnamon roll for breakfast!


Ryan said...

You should take them up to the top of the church office building. Talk about free entertainment!

HeidiPie said...

Those are great stories, he is such a cool kid!

orangemily said...

So much fun, I love it!

Amber said...

LOL--a movie to follow? Should I buy the rights now? :-)