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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Point, Shoot, admire

I have started something new. I have decided it's okay to blog out of order. Crazy, I know. I may even start even eating breakfast for dinner! Oh wait, we already do that...

So-since I'm blogging out of order these days on my other blog I wrote about the Ogden Union Station Photo walk. I mentioned that I took Adam and it being his first photowalk thought it only fair to share some of his pictures, too. Because I find it fascinating to see the world through his eyes.

Locked Door

locked door

Railroad Crossing




Now I have to mention-I LOVE the vivid colors in this photo-and this (and all his photos) are SOOC. I swear I didn't bump the saturation or the vibrancy. Just downloaded the memory card straight to flickr!


Christmas lights in tree

lights in tree

And-a picture (or two) I took of him taking pictures.

find the shot


Is he cute, or what?
Although in another year or two he is going to start rolling his eyes at me when I try to call him cute. :)


Liss said...

aren't kids amazing? those are some awesome pics!

orangemily said...

He is cute. I love his pictures!

Ryan said...

I say it's not fair. "They" say the best pictures happen above 6' and below 4' (I think) he's at a natural advantage here.

Emilee said...

those are great. did i miss another one? when is that one? i am really looking into a photo class. i need one bad! you know way more than i do...and my girls are so excited for dance!

HeidiPie said...

So, Ryan answered the question I had. Are his pictures awesome because he's just short? I guess so. We're going to have to start crouching or get a ladder.