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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What do you want to BE?

At the risk of being completely obnoxious I am going to write again about something my child said that made me, as a partial mother, think I have the world's smartest kid. Because, well, it's my blog so I can. :)

Yesterday Zoey (who is 4) said "Mom, HE rhymes with BE."

Adam said, "Yea, like He got stung by a bee."

To which Zoey replied, "No Adam, I mean be spelled B-E like to be something. Not bee
B-E-E which is what can sting you."

And I wish I could take credit for teaching her that. But really I have no idea where she learned the difference between the two.

And now a random picture of Zoey because hey, people like pictures.

Dancing cowgirl?


HeidiPie said...

Hillarious! And definitely smart!

Liss said...

geez she's cute!!!
and i'm like you, my kids are smart in spite of me. i wish i could take credit, but well, i can't. they just somehow learn it somewhere and they are so darn smart!

orangemily said...

What a smart cutie pie!