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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Characters

Kids are still on cloud nine from going to see Cars 2 last weekend.

While at the grocery store the other night I saw toys of some of the new characters from the movie. My littlest has a birthday coming up so I bought a few fully intending to give them to Harrison for his birthday.

But it's been blistering hot this week. And the AC in our car only sort of works. Which means we haven't gone anywhere. And most their toys are still packed. So in a moment of weakness I got the new cars out for them to play with.

They couldn't get enough of telling me ALL about each of the new cars. Mind you, I saw the movie, too. So I happen to know who all these new characters are....but they had to tell me anyway.

Zoey tells us all about Holley Shiftwell

Harrison tells us about Francesco. Listen closely to him say that he is Italian. He says it Italy-an. Cracks me up.

Adam talks (and talks and talks) about Fin McMissile.

And, since Adam got to go twice, she needed another turn. So she tells us about Professor Z. (Because Z is for Zoey, too.)

And I'm pretty sure that Grandparents are the only people who actually watched all of those. :)

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