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Friday, August 5, 2011

First Day of School

School is back in session!

First day of School

In Utah most of the elementary schools were Year-Round, which meant the operated on a track system and depending on what track you were on you started and ended school in July and had your "summer" breaks during other months of the year. 

I actually kind of hated the year-round schedule and was looking forward to being on a traditional school schedule once we got to Arizona. But the school district we are in does a modified track schedule in which we start end of July and have long breaks in October, for Christmas, and in March. The explanation we were given was that it's too hot in July and August to do anything so you may as well be in school during the hot months and be out of school to enjoy the wonderful weather months. I guess it makes sense, but I'll be honest that I wasn't thrilled about returning to school so soon. Especially since I have to drive the kids to and from school everyday until our home is completed. With traffic and the waiting to drop off and pick up it ends up being a good solid hour each way. That is 2 hours everyday spent commuting to and from the school. I cannot wait for the day our house is done and they can walk 3 minutes down the street. It will feel like I have found an amazing extra 2 hours in my day!

Today was a BIG day for Zoey, as it was her first day of Kindergarten. First day of big school!!!!! And she COULD NOT have been MORE excited. She started counting down the days weeks ago. She is my little social butterfly and she has been dying to spread her wings and fly! Being the only girl sandwiched between two boys I think she was excited about having some girls to play with.

I'd like to point out that this would be an ideal time to link back to Adam's first day of Kindergarten. But I can't. It was a great day. Harrison, barely walking at the time, wanted to wear a back pack just his big brother. The pictures of them walking side by side together were priceless. I also snapped a picture of his teacher putting his name tag on him. The only problem......I got home and realized there was no memory card in my camera. I didn't get a single picture of my oldest child's first day of kindergarten. 

Her chosen ensemble for this all important first day of school was a Hello Kitty shirt and, of course, a princess backpack. 

Adam was a tad bit less excited. This was his first time back at public school after a year of home school and I think he was a little nervous, even though he didn't want to admit it. He barely tolerated the obligatory first day of school pictures.

Heading towards the school.

We dropped Zoey off first. She didn't show even the slightest amount of trepidation. In fact she seemed annoyed that It took me so long to get out of her classroom.

He is starting 2nd grade, and still he looks so little in comparison to his backpack.

I was thinking like a mom and not like a photographer so my aperture is open WAAAY too wide and all these pictures turned out blurry. But blurry pictures is better then no pictures, which is what he got his first day of kindergarten. 

Being greeted by his teacher, Mrs. Hunter. We are closing in on the second week of school here and I can honestly say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this teacher!!!! I like Zoey's teacher, but I LOVE Mrs. Hunter!!!! She is such a PERFECT fit for Adam and I feel so blessed that he is in her class!

The after school line-up. 

Zoey making her way to the car.

Here comes Adam!

The consensus: it was a GREAT first day of school!


Liss said...

You need to clone Zoey's adorable cuteness!!! And Adam is WAY too grown up looking with those glasses. I'm hoping this next year of kids in school all day makes a big difference for you :) We'll see how I feel about it....I'm nervous and I'm excited at the same time.

Emilee said...

so glad school is working out for you! hang in there with that drive i think you are doing. my family loves the breaks in spring and fall, maybe you will too, ya!

orangemily said...


HeidiPie said...

That is so cool!! I'm glad that they had great first days of school!

Holly said...

Yay, I'm glad the first day went great. I saw your tweets about school and figured you must be on a year-round schedule. I have to tell you, here in southern Florida, it would be nice to have some days off in the winter when it's beautiful outside.

But an hour commute each way? Oh, that would do me in.