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Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O' the Morning

It's St. Patrick's Day so I made Green Eggs and Ham and green muffins for breakfast. Adam began to throw his normal fit about trying new foods. (only because it was all green. it's not like he hasn't eaten eggs or muffins before.) But the planets must have aligned just right this morning or it was the Green Day Angels smiling down on me or something because against all odds he tried the food anyway!!!! (If you knew Adam you would know that this is a true miracle!!!!) As he ate it he kept saying "I have never tried this before. It's so good."

Later he was asking me to tell him again what day it was. We have been working on days of the week so I told him that it was Monday AND St. Patrick's Day. He said "Well actually (yes my 3 year old says actually) it can only be one day. So it's not Monday. Just Fat Mattress Day." I said it's what day? "Just one day. Not Monday. Just Fat Mattress Day." I said "St. Patrick's Day?" to which he replied "Yes, Fat Mattress Day." It's funny how kids interpret things.


orangemily said...

Fat mattress day, that cracks me up!
Funny thing, we had green eggs and ham for dinner, gmta.
My friend has the "Green Eggs and Ham" rule at her house, if her kids say they don't like something she reminds them of they guy in the book and says take one bite and if you don't like it you don't have to finish it.

Annj said...

Your blog has inspired me to do something green for dinner. it looks fun and maybe my kids will actually eat it. BTW, happy Fat Mattress Day to you too. :) Cute.