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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Child Prodigy

Adam has always shown an interest in music, especially in the piano. I mean, I know ALL kids enjoy pounding on the keys now and then. There are so temptingly pretty. White and black, neatly arranged in a long line, making sweet melodic sounds when you touch them. Who wouldn't like to plunk a few occasionally? Plus there is always the added pleasure of slamming down the lid when you are done. Kids love that part!

But Adam has always approached the piano with tenderness. Even at a very young age he never pounded the keys with his entire hand. He instead would touch each key gently, one at a time, listening to how each key had it's own unique tone.

Very serious pianist at work

I Love the Piano!

I often thought about trying to get him some lessons but as I asked around everybody told me that 8 was about the right age to start kids in piano lessons. That they really need to be able to read and sit still and concentrate before taking on the piano.

But on Sunday Adam wanted to sing a particular song as a family and went to the piano telling me he was going to play it for us. So I put the music in front of him and he said "show me how to read it so I can play the song."

Thus began an impromptu piano lesson about middle C. By the end of our short 10 minute lesson he was able to identify each note that was a C on the keyboard.

I tested him a couple of days later and he still remembered.

So of course now I think he is the smartest child alive and that I'd better rush him into piano lessons with a teacher who specializes in teaching gifted children.

Then of course perhaps he'll only stay interested for a lesson or two, thus wasting time and money in the process. In which case he would be demoted from prodigy child to prodigal child.


Karen said...

I love those photos of Adam. You know there are other ways of teaching piano other than reading the notes. Kawasaki version I think????? I am trying to remember. Sounds like it doesn't matter anyway, since he totally gets it. I say hook that kid up. If he gets bored after 2 lessons, try again when he'e 8. If not, then he's years ahead and enjoying himself. So there's my 2 cents worth.

Ryan said...

Yup. Talent doesn't exist. It's a myth. He needs about 10 years experience before he'll be excellent, so you can start him now, or wait until he's 8.

orangemily said...

He's so smart!
There's also a Suzuki method out there, that's what my cousins did.

Annj said...

I thinkyou should teach him the basics yourself sounds like you know what you are doing. Way to go mom!

Kristin said...

Mini lessons here and there with him will keep his interest alive. It definitely sounds like he is ready for the challenge!

Damselfly said...

Wow! That is fantastic! Some kids reach basic music competence before age 8, so you might consider a music class of some kind for him before then.