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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It will be super cool mom

I got a new camera yesterday.

Today Adam begged me to come downstairs so he could show me something super cool. He wanted to show me how he and Zoey could sit on the ladder to the loft bed. He explained, step by step, how he would climb 4 steps, and sit just so and hang onto the rung above.

Once he and Zoey were both seated on the ladder rungs he said "Mom, I really think you should take a picture of this with your new camera. It will be super cool and be a really cute picture."



And you know what, he was right.


orangemily said...

That is super cool and really cute!

Karen said...

They are so right. It is really cute and super cool. They look like little monkeys hanging there.

Annj said...

Cute pictures. It is so funny it must be the age that anything they do is cool. Jake keeps saying, " Mom this is so cool you have got to see this!" Then he will jump or climb up stuff. One of these days we will have to come visit or get our boys together some how they would love playing together.

HeidiPie said...

He's so right. Cute kiddos!

Kristin said...

So not only is he great at music, but he has an eye for photography! I think he has your genes!