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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The oldest child syndrome

I love when my oldest tries to enforce rules that he himself doesn't even follow.

I abhor it when I ask Adam to do something that I know he is perfectly capable of and he tells me "I can't" So it is a rule that we don't say can't at our house. You can say you don't want to or that you need somebody to teach you how or help you out, but we don't say can't.

So this morning I hear Adam and Zoey upstairs and Zoey is getting lectured by her older brother. "Zoey, we do not say can't at our house! MOM! ZOEY SAID CAN'T" Lovely.


Ryan said...

or how about..."Zoey's not sharing!"

orangemily said...

Man, I can't wait! Moira's bad enough about telling me what to do, soon she'll have someone else too.