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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I guess Adam has had trains on his mind since our trip to see Thomas (pictures coming soon, I promise. It's just been a busy weekend!!!!)

Anyway, this morning I was (once again) trying to teach patience to my children. I was helping the baby with something and the other two where yelling at me over and over and over again to refill their sippies.

So I made my usual "Hold on a minute please. You have to be patient with me because I'm 1 mom with 2 hands and 3 kids" speech.

Adam thought about that for a second and then said "being patient is like the slow goods train."


Andria said...

That is the coolest connection I've ever heard from a four year old. (It's actually better than most of the connections I hear from my students!) Nice, Adam!

MeggyMeg said...

Way to go Adam. That is awesome. Love the things that come out of kids mouths, especially even when they make somewhat sense!

orangemily said...

Good analogy Adam!