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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming soon

I am breaking down and getting a new blog template. I love this template, I do. I think the polka dots give it the fun childhood feeling I'm going for. I also like that my other blog is the same, but in a different color, to kind of tie the two together.

But I'm tired of the borders being so big that it cuts off all my pictures unless I put in the small size from my flickr. So, I've started my quest for a new template. I will not rest until I find the perfect one! Check back soon to see what I decided on. :)


Ryan said...

If you knew somebody who did web, they could probably figure out how to tweak the border size on this one.

Michael said...

While you are looking, find one for me too. I could probably could build my own, but I am not artistic enough to create, just critique. The lesser form.

And I am not going to fix yours because you won't look for a new template for me if yours works perfectly. :)