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Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm trying to teach my kids manners. Mostly because I tire of "mom, get me a sippe!!!!" (said in very demanding 2 and 4 year old voices)

Adam's always comes out "Mom may will you get me a sippie, please" I think it's the combination of may i have and will you please. crazy kid.


Ryan said...

Better than

"Mom get me a sippe!!!!!!!!!!! please. suppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana said...

My kids say
"Please may CAN I have a drink pleeeeeeeeeease?"

HeidiPie said...

Every time I say, "What's the magic word?" I get, "Thank You" and today in the car it was "Puh-Ease, can you have a sticker Puh-ease."

MeggyMeg said...

You already know how my one kid asks... though he is getting a little better. And Zachary he comes up and says "Juice! Juice!" Then we ask, "What do you say?" Then he says "peas!"

orangemily said...

Yeah, Moira's comes out, "May I take a sippee please?" Funny kids!