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Monday, June 16, 2008

Who gave you permission to grow up?

growing up

I saw my cousin's newborn baby this weekend and it's hard for me to believe that mine was ever that little, because he is getting so big lately! It's almost as if he's in a hurry to grow up!

He is crawling like crazy (getting around way faster than I'd like him to!) And won't stay still for anything, including getting his diaper changed. I'm constantly chasing his little naked baby butt around (which I just admit is pretty cute, but my husband won't let me post pictures of it.)

He's pulling himself up to everything. Which means walking is just around the corner. *sniff, sniff* And another tooth has popped through.

He's doing all the same things I remember his older siblings doing. He loves phones and remotes. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, including dead bugs. (that's how you know it's time to vacuum again) And he pulls everything out of any outlet he is short enough to reach.

And today he was at the bottom of the stairs and he pulled himself up onto the bottom stair. I mean all the way onto it, so he was sitting on the stair. Of course than when he got overly excited about his achievement he fell down that one stair. Don't worry, only his pride was wounded.

He's also started climbing out of his high chair, too. And I've had to lower the playpen down to the lowest setting. It's just not fair!!! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

(of course they never seem to get to the full potty trained stage quite fast enough...)

my little man


Karen said...

Amen!!! Especially about the potty training thing. We are finally all potty trained at our house! We might need to throw a party for that or something. That was almost 7 years of checking little butts. Yikes.....How could I still want as few more?

orangemily said...

But he's so cute!

Andria said...

You're little guy is super cute and, you're right, I can't believe how big he's getting. It seems like I just saw him (although it's been November since I saw him last) and he was a tiny baby then.