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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The ostracizing has begun

Okay, let me begin by saying that I know a lot of what might be considered "big" words but that I don't know how to spell any of them! So when I first tried to spell the word ostracize the computer's suggestions varied form ostrich to obstetrician. Now there's a mental image for you!

Anywhoo....although that is funny and strange on so many levels let us move onto the real reason for this post.

You see, the balance of our happy home has been tipped. And it all started because the baby decided it was time to learn to crawl. Before said crawling began at our home the three children could play quite happily together for quite some time. Because the baby sat in the middle of the room and just giggled and squealed as the older two played around him and occasionally threw him a toy to play with. But now that he can get around he wants to be into EVERYTHING that his siblings are into and that is NOT going over too well with the the older children. He wreaks havoc on the train tracks. It's like Godzilla found his way to the Island of Sodor, as he pulls apart all the nicely built railroad and puts Thomas in his mouth! Oh the horror. So it probably won't surprise you that the older two don't like having the baby around.

So they have started taking their toys into Zoey's room and then shoving the baby into the hallway and slamming the door. Not that I really blame them. It is quite obnoxious to have your toys slimed by your baby brother. But it's just so sad at the same time. The baby will sit outside the door and cry and cry and sometimes even pound a bit on the door. He knows he is being left out and he doesn't like it one bit! And when I ask the oldest child why he has pushed the baby out he says "we don't like playing with Harrison." aw, doesn't it just break your heart?

I guess I knew this day would eventually come. But it just seemed to come faster than I was ready for it.

But just wait, in a few years the game will change again. Adam will go off to school and the younger two will be home together all day. And I'm sure there will be times that Adam is the ostracized one. And then a little later down the road when they are all in school the boys will gang up on their sister and exclude her because she's a girl, and who wants to play with a girl? Girls have cooties!

They all, in turn, will have a chance to be left out. I can only hope that it will only be for a season and that when they mature a bit they will all be best bosom buddies once again. Inseparable. The 3 amigos. The 3 Musketeers. Larry, Moe, & Curly.

Although, as long as they are plotting against each other they won't have time to be plotting against me...perhaps encouraging the sibling love isn't in my best interest after all...



Karen said...

What do you mean?

Ryan said...

But hey! You're that much closer to no more diapers, and new carpet, right?

Karen said...

Ok, I must have looked before you finished posting. Poor Harrison.

Andria said...

Ah, you made me giggle! I guess this is what we have to look forward to as well.

Em said...

whatever! in about 9 months it will all get messed up because baby 4 will be here!

Nicole said...

only if i get lucky tonight

orangemily said...

Aww, sweet Harrison he is growing up so fast that they'll all be playing together before you know it!

Kristin said...

So sad for Harrison. Luke absolutely hates it when his perfect track is destroyed by the Miriam. The younger sibling has to learn early on that anything from the Island of Sodor is sacred and must not be slimed or destroyed!