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Monday, June 23, 2008

Playing pretend

I am not getting as much laundry done as I should today. Because I am instead sitting here watch my two older children play. They are cracking me up. They are pretending that it is Thomas Day.

The charade goes something like this.....they lay down in the jump house and pretend to sleep. Then they "wake up" and say "It's Thomas day!" They jump out of the bouncer and run over to the couch, which is apparently Thomas. While sitting on the couch they start to chug-chug and toot-toot. Then they get off and say "Time to go home" Half way back across the room they say "Oh no! We forgot the diaper bag! We better hurry before Thomas leaves" (I have no idea where this part of the charade comes in because we did not in fact leave our diaper bag on Thomas.) They run back to Thomas (the couch) for the pretend diaper bag. Then the go back Home (the jump house) to sleep.

And the game starts all over again. Over and over and over they have done it. What will they think of next?


Karen said...

Thomas Day or Ground Hog Day?

Em said...

mine is only "scrapbooky" because i print it and then have less scrapbooking to do...yours is a treasure that you will love reading when your kids are grown and gone! and i loved the term "frilled up"! it cracked adam and i up!

Kristin said...

Very cute game. Isn't it fun to see what the kids will come up with all on their own? Sometimes the best toy they own is their imagination.

orangemily said...

Cute kids! I love watching little minds at work!