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Sunday, June 22, 2008

He's growing up, too

I've spent so much time lately marveling at how much my baby is growing up that I've nearly forgotten that his older brother is growing up, too.

Today I was reminded. Today he gave his first talk in Primary. Is he really old enough to be giving talks in Primary?

As I sat in the back of the primary room waiting to help him with his talk I actually got really nervous about it. I looked around the room and there were maybe 30 people in there, maybe. I mean it wasn't a sold out audience by any means. But I was nervous just the same. Because this is my child that cries at the sight of Curious George. This is my child who plays the deaf/mute any time he meets somebody new. This is the child that it took 10 consecutive weeks before he finally stopped crying when I dropped him off in his sunbeam class. (mostly he was upset because Zoey wasn't coming with him, but was staying behind in nursery.)

So imagine my surprise and pleasure when he came right up, climbed up on the stool at the podium and waited for me to tell him what to say. And then he said it! He wasn't very loud. In fact I'm sure I'm the only one who heard him. But he gave his talk beautifully! I'm so proud of my boy.

Below is the poem he read (from a past issue of the friend) printed here for any who also have sunbeams who will soon be giving talks about the temple.

Elizabeth Giles, “Temple Blessings,” Friend, Nov. 2002, pg 33

Heavenly Father
has sent us a blessing.
Now temples
dot the earth.
Families can gather,
be sealed together—
a blessing of
infinite worth!

post script

this evening Adam and Zoey were playing that they had talks in church. Adam kept saying "come on Zoey. We have to go to church and talk" they would then walk half way up the stairs and say "talk talk talk talk talk" then come back down the stairs. After a few minutes the whole charade would start over again.


Kids were playing the "talk in church" game again today and I happened to have my camera handy this time. Crazy kids!



Ryan said...

Should have skipped Sunday school for it, but what do you do?

orangemily said...

Awww, good job Adam, I'm so proud of him!

Jodi said...

That video is so funny!! I'd rather watch him "talk in church" than the High Counselmen!