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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Take Two

Way back in January I took my kids to the KUED super read-a-thon party. Theme was "Get curious like Curious George" and I was excited for the kids to see Curious George in person, since they love to watch him on tv and we read lots of his books right now.

Well, this is what happened.....

Our one lousy picture with Curious George

click on photo to be taken to my flickr photostream to get the full details. But in short, it was a disaster.

Last Friday I saw that Curious George was going to make a visit to the Murray Library for story time, so I thought I'd give it a second try, mostly because I am dying to take my kids to Disneyland but know I'll be furious if we spend all that money they spend the whole day crying every time they see Mickey Mouse! I guess this is my way of acclimating them to underpaid actors walking around in heavy costumes.

I asked Adam if he wanted to go see Curious George again, and he gave me a hearty YES! Then I said "are you going to smile and get your picture taken this time?" To which he replied "um, I'll probably cry." I said "we're not going to see him if you are just going to cry again!" So then he changed his tune and said "I won't cry."

So we went.

I should've known better.

First he hid in the curtains

hiding from George

And THEN he cried

don't make me see curious george mom, please!

And then SHE cried, too.

So happy to see the big monkey

But here are some OTHER kids that where happy to see him.

other happy kids with george

Maybe I can just take one of them to Disneyland. Except they aren't nearly as cute as my kids....


HeidiPie said...

that's so funny! But if you ever decide to do the disneyland thing let us know because we'll want to go too!

Andria said...

Okay, I missed Curious George again?! I hope that there are some cool things happening this summer (when the husband hasn't left for the rest of the year), because I want to take my boys too.

orangemily said...

Your kids definitely are cuter, even when crying!