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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The memory of an elephant

Who coined the phrase "you have the memory of an elephant" or "an elephant never forgets" I mean, do we really know that elephants have good memories? That may be a job for the Mythbusters. Because I think 3 year olds (er, I mean 4 year olds...he just had a birthday) have memories far superior to elephants.

Two examples, both from today.

Many months ago during our record snowfall this past winter my son was trying to wear his sandals to go out and play in the snow. Finally out of desperation I told him that he couldn't wear his sandals outside because his feet would turn purple and fall out.

Fast forward to today. I have totally forgotten about the above mentioned conversation with said son. I am picking him up at Grandma's house, where he had been playing while I went to the dentist. Upon my arrival he was walking around in just one sock. So I told him to get his sock and shoes on so we could leave. He told me his sock was wet. I told him to just put his shoes on without socks then. He tells me "I can't wear shoes without socks. My feet will turn purple and fall out." I love when my own words come back to haunt me.

For the second story I need to make a few word substitutions. My oldest son knows all the anatomically correct words for parts of his body. So the following conversation took place using the correct words-but my husband reminded me that this is online and didn't want my insignificant blog showing up on certain kinds of internet searches because it contained certain words. So I am going to use the random and generic word bob when really I mean little boy part.

So anyway, on with the story. So I'm changing the baby's diaper today and Adam starts talking to me again about when Harrison had his bob cut (circumcised) I have NO idea why he would randomly talk about that, but for some reason he brought it up. We did talk about it when Harrison was first born and I would change his diaper and his bob was all red and swollen. I told Adam that the dr. cut his bob a little bit but that it would heal and be just fine. So today out of nowhere Adam asks me really concerned about why the dr. cut Harrison's bob. I told Adam that that was a long time ago when Harrison was just born and that it's all healed now, like his. Adam says, no mom, we never cut my bob, my bob is just long. Glad that at 4 he's already feeling quite confident.

funny side note.
Often times when Mike comes home I'm just exasperated with the kids. So when I was telling him the above stories and laughing about it Mike said "see, you do love the kids once in a while." my response was "only when it makes for good blogging."


MeggyMeg said...

HAHAHA, that's funny! Kids say the funniest things. Yesturday i woke up, I didn't realize that Spencer had gotten up. Zach was up when Isaac left so he put in a movie for him. They were in the living room and Zach was making his normal loud sounds and I could hear Spencer saying "SSSHH, Zach be quite! Zach be quite, mom's sleeping!"

orangemily said...

Kids say the darndest things!

Andria said...

My boys often talk about their "bobs." It drives me nuts and I tell them they don't need to talk about them all the time, but they still do. And they do use the real word; I often wonder when it is going to come out of their mouths at an inappropriate time.