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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When chocolate isn't so sweet.....

Currently the favorite book at our house is Curious George goes to a Chocolate Factory so, being the good mom that I am (yea right!) I have been wanting to take my kids to a Chocolate Factory to experience it themselves.

I've been hoping to take them to Mrs. Cavanaughs. It's right of the freeway in North Salt Lake and I see it all the time. There is a huge banner across the top of the building saying "Open to the Public. Free Tours." So I looked them up on the internet to get more info. According to their own website the tours are free and start daily at 10:00 am. But I was still a little nervous about if it was really all it said it I also called and was told by phone that indeed they do give tours daily. I stored all this info in the back of my head to use someday....thinking I'd pull out this great idea someday we needed a playdate with friends or cousins.

But today I woke up just wanting to get out of the house so on a whim I packed up the kids and told them we were going to a chocolate factory, just like Curious George! They were SO excited.

So we make the drive north (about a half hour drive for me) and when we get there 2 of the 3 kids are asleep. But I wake them up anyway because we are going to see a Chocolate Factory! And isn't that worth waking up for. So I go hauling into the place with the baby strapped to my front in the snuggly and one kid by each hand. We walk in the door and there is a big whiteboard that says "Free Tours daily from 10 to 2." So I'm feeling pretty good at this point. We are actually going to do this thing.

I walk confidently up to the gal at the candy counter and tell her we are there for a tour. She looks at me with that deer in the headlights look. After what felt like an eternity she says "um, I new." And then stares some more. So I say "well, is there somebody else who knows what is going on then?" More staring. She finally waves me over to an old lady sitting in an office.

We walk over there, a little deflated but still hopeful. The old lady tells us that the projector is broken so they can't show the movie and that the lady that dips chocolates doesn't even come in until after 2:00 so could I come back Thursday afternoon instead?

So now I'm explaining to my kids (that I woke up!!!!) that we aren't going on a factory tour after all and they start crying and the gal at the candy counter has the NERVE to ask me if I still want to buy some candy.

HELL NO!!!!!! Was about all I could muster up in my flustered state.

Chocolate is bad for you anyway. I don't even like the stuff.


Principessa said...

Sad!!!! I can just see the pout on Adam's face as he says "but I just want to see the chocolate factory like Curious George" and Zoey's little shoulders dropping as the disappointment sets in. :(

They should've given you a free sample or something!!! Seriously....Don't they have a heart??

Liss said...

You should totally have come to my house to unwind! I've made it a point to only do 100% for sure kid stuff, otherwise you just might as well make an appt to make absolutely sure that you will be able to go. Some people don't understand at all (either they don't get it or have conveniently forgotten) how it is to take kids on an outing.

Andria said...

So, this really has nothing to do with your post (I'm sorry yesterday was such a bad day!), but I just noticed that all of the pictures on your slideshow are of your kids napping. Wow, it takes me a long time to catch on.

orangemily said...

That is so sad!
Make an appt for them to tour the Sweet's Candy Factory, it's closer and you get to see some chocolate being enrobed.
I don't know why I thought you had to pay to go on the tour. Maybe they've changed it because I remember looking in to it. Weird!

HeidiPie said...

The correct "termage" should be HELLO NO!!! anyways, I can't believe that that place would have so much incorrect information all over the place. The people, the phone, the sign. I mean people, come on!! Do they not realize the amount of time it takes to get all the kids ready and excited and there? Absolutely not! Yeah right, like you'd buy some candy...they really should've offered you a free box!

orangemily said...

Rich says you should write a polite letter of complaint, he thinks you'll get a free box of chocolates.
I'm still in awe that they didn't even offer you a free sample as largely advertised on the outside of their building.