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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The joys of a self feeding infant

I hate the mess of meal time! When it's time to eat I want to cover the whole kitchen (kids included) in plastic that I can just pick up and toss at the end of the meal. It would make my life so much easier. Harrison is at the REALLY messy phase. He is just starting to feed himself and it makes such a horrid mess. A bib does not save his clothes, no matter how big it is. And my floor and his high chair are totally slimed after each meal.

And Harrison is not the only culprit. Zoey is still pretty messy when she eats, too. She spilled her bowl of cereal just this morning. And needed a bath after having lasagna tonight.

When we were cleaning up after dinner a couple of nights ago Mike was telling me that when he was a kid his dad was always saying that he wanted to just get a big feeding trough to eat dinner out of so he could just hose it down afterwards. As a kid he and his sisters would just roll their eyes and think he was just being crazy. Now that we have our own kids we're starting to think that whole feeding trough idea is not half bad.

I know a really great blogger would have pictures of how messy the kids are, but I just couldn't bear to show pictures of my kitchen that dirty. (okay, really I just didn't think to snap any pictures. but trust me, it's messy!)


Principessa said...
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Principessa said...

"This too shall pass..." Zoey is getting better. Sure she has her days, but you have to give her credit. Maybe Harrison will pick up on some of Adam's "OCD" tendencies (not saying your son is OCD) and be a clean eater as he gets older.

Andria said...

I'm such an awful mom that I make my kids eat on the area rug in the front room, especially if they're eating something messy, because I worry that when we move out of our apartment that the carpet will be so stained that they'll charge us the price of new carpet (it happened at the last apartment we were in). I guess it also doesn't help that my table is covered in my craft stuff...which, I promise, I'm trying to get stored away before the baby comes!

orangemily said...

This is why Moira still eats in the highchair. The only thing she eats when not in the chair is fishy crackers. Rich has said many times he doesn't know what we'd do without a dog because he snatches up whatever ends up on the floor.

Jodi Lybbert said...

I TOTALLY agree with you!!
I swear that the floor needs sweeping (or mopping) EVERY DAY!!
It's almost worth getting a dog to clean it up...
Almost... but not quite!

Your kids are so dang cute!! You need to have 4 more in 4 more years!! Ha ha!!