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Friday, April 4, 2008

Will I really miss this?

it's hard to believe
But you're gonna' miss this
You're gonna' want this back
You're gonna' wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna' miss this
You're gonna' miss this

You're Gonna Miss This Trace Adkins

Yesterday I put the kids to bed and then laid down on my own bed to detox a bit. It had been a rough day and I had yelled at the kids more than I would like to admit. There were 3 blow out diapers and ample amounts of spit up. And lots of arguing and crying from the older two. I found myself longing for the days ahead. Days when there are no more diapers. Days when they all go to school and I get 7 blessed hours all to myself! Days when they actually help with the dishes and laundry instead of just creating more for me.

Then like a bolt out of nowhere the above song lyrics came into my mind, which is crazy because I have literally heard this song only like 1 1/2 times. So why would the lyrics come to my mind? I started to cry and wondered to myself if I would really wish these days away only to miss them later. It was hard for me to imagine after a day like I had just had that I would ever actually miss this. But I thought how sad it would be if I spent all these days angry and upset only to find I could never have them back, and that my kids would remember that I was always angry and upset.

Just then Adam started to cry. Said he was scared. My first inclination was to just yell at him "Go to sleep Adam. You're fine." But instead I went to his room and gave him a big hug and asked him if he wanted to come to my bed for a little while.

While he climbed into my bed I went and checked on Zoey, who was still wide awake. So I asked her if she wanted to come hang out in my bed for awhile, too. She said yes.

So we all climbed in my bed (the hubby was working late) and we put in Enchanted.

When Adam was little, and still an only chid, we used to do stuff like that all the time. I once told my husband that I hoped that somehow he would remember sitting in mom and dad's bed late at night eating popcorn because those are the kind of memories that make childhood happy. But since the other two kids came along such simple happy moments seemed to be few and far between.

Adam fell asleep pretty quickly by Zoey stayed awake through the whole movie. And at the part where they are dancing at the ball Zoey was getting all excited. "Dancing, Dancing" So I pulled her out of bed and picked her up and spun her around and around and we, too, danced. She laughed and squealed. And we made memories.

I hope that for one brief moment my kids thought I was the coolest mom on the block. Maybe they even thought I was supermom...just for a moment.

Of course I was rewarded for those memories by Zoey peeing on my bed this morning (yes, I let her stay in my bed all night and her diaper didn't hold) and then crabby kids because they stayed up late.....oh well. Nothing a little oxy clean and early naps won't cure. And we made memories, right?

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Principessa said...

He will remember, and so will Zoey! They'll know their mom loved them (and still does!!!) very much and even though she had hard days from time to time, she would move mountains for her kids if she had to. ;)

Andria said...

How sweet! I just sent my boys to bed with a yelling and a spanking last night, after trying to be nice and letting them lie down on the floor and watch TV instead of going to bed. It wasn't such a happy night. :(

orangemily said...

How fun! This made me cry, in a good way!

Josh said...

That is sweet! Those are the times we live for here too. Did you by chance hear the Trace Adkins song 1 1/2 times on The Apprentice?
Heidi (someday I will figure out my laughing cow blogger passwords and such and be myself again. ;)

Nicole said...

I didn't hear the song on the Apprentice. I didn't even know that show was still on. I actually heard it on my new xm radio in my new Saturn Outlook.

HeidiPie said...

Hey I didn't know you got a new car!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry. I think I'll pack the kids up and go to the park.

Scribbit said...

It's funny how kids seem to remember those good times more than the slip ups and mistakes. Thank goodness for it!