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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Front Row Seat

We had the lawn aerated on Friday and apparently it was the best show in town. My kids were absolutely riveted to the action. I think I need to pay them to come do it EVERY week because my kids were happy, not fighting and out of my hair for a full 30 minutes.

I believe the conversation taking place in the middle photo was something like "Well, Zoey, what do you think? It was a little slow at the beginning but once you got all the characters introduced I was really engrossed! I give it a thumbs up." "I agree, Adam, the characters were believable . I mean, I really cared about them and what they were doing. The casting director did an amazing jog. And the plot was unique and intriguing. I also give it a big thumbs up!"

For any of you locals we had it done by Farley & Sons Lawn Care. They are fast, professional and very reasonably priced. They also do mowing, edging, and power raking. So if you have lawn needs give them a call. 801-967-6644


orangemily said...

Too funny!
Yes, we've had Farley aerate our lawn in the past too. They do a good job.

Principessa said...

You're kids crack me up! Seriously!

Andria said...

It's amazing what kinds of things entertain our children. If I had a lawn, I might give some serious thought to having it aerated.

HeidiPie said...

too funny!