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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Graceful Princess

Zoey is my clutz. She has taken more trips, fall, stumbles, tumbles, and spills in her short 2 years than Adam has in his 4. I'm convinced she'll be the one we'll be taking to the ER with broken bones or needing stitches. Good thing she is also the one that just jumps right back up and keeps going.

So last night she was being particularly cute and singing me all sorts of songs so I wanted to get her singing me something. What I instead ended up getting was Zoey just being Zoey.


Principessa said...

She cracks me up!!! Its so cute to finally hear her talking as much as she is, and her singing and dancing is like no other! This clip is totally just Zoey!

HeidiPie said...

Wow, Impressive! On both counts! =)

Andria said...

Ah, such grace and poise. She reminds me

orangemily said...

She's so cute, I love the little voice!
Moira saw this and kept saying, "Zoey fall!" she was really worried.