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Sunday, April 27, 2008

sweet dreams

sweet dreams

the princess is quite funny when it comes to naptime. She never (well okay, hardly ever) fights me about going to her room for a nap. But that doesn't mean she always goes straight to sleep. She often plays or reads books for awhile first. But then when she's done playing she crawls up on her bed and takes her nap.

When I take her up to her room I close the door, mostly so her older brother will leave her alone. But she can't quite open the door on her own yet so I will go back up a little later and open her door back up so that when she does wake up she can come out of her room by herself.

Today she crawled up onto her bed and snuggled in with her doll first thing so I thought she was going to go right to sleep. So imagine my surprise when I went to open her door and found her sound asleep in her car seat. (he car seat was in her room because we went to Ikea yesterday and needed to fold down the seats to bring stuff home so I had pulled out the car seats before leaving)

I laughed, found my camera and took a picture, and THEN picked her up and put her on her bed to finish her nap.


Karen said...

Sweet girl. I remember going and finding Leila asleep with little truck she use to ride around on, on her bed. The wonder of childhood. How do we lose it?

orangemily said...

What a cutie!

Andria said...

She was probably just as comfortable in her car seat as she was in her bed. Kids spend so much time in their car seats that it's probably second nature.

Ryan said...

You know if i could bring my car seat into the house I could possibly sleep in it too. I looove my car seat. I'll love it even more after it gets some stitching and reconditioning love.