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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Men in Black

In case you somehow missed the memo, my sister is getting married soon. I mean really soon.

And this post today is dedicated to all you mothers of boys. Because I find it as unfair as you do that when I walk into the store I am bombarded by frilly, fluffy, lacy, dripping with cuteness things for girls. Boys are cute, too! And I am just as willing to plunk down dough for cute things for my boys.

And here is the proof: my boys in the suits I bought them to wear to the wedding.


Now if that isn't just dripping with cuteness I don't know what is!


Take that all you puffy pinkness.


Let's hear it for the boys!!!!


HeidiPie said...

Here come the Men in Black...
Your handsome dudes are going to steal the show.

orangemily said...

I love little boys in suits, adorable!!!

Megs said...

LOVE IT! I want to buy my boys some suits but don't want to pay through the nose for them when they wear the same size and I wouldn't get to re-use at least one of them (it's like having twins!) anyway. I found some at Sam's Club for a good price, but passed them up since we didn't have the money. If I would have known that we were going to get our refund in that week, I so would have gotten them.

Your boys are stylin.

Annj said...

whoot whoo! (that was me whistling) they do look great. I am also a big fan of boys in suits. I love dressing up Jake when he will actually wear something other than Monster truck shirts. Where did you say you got them?

KASH said...

I love little boys it suits! So debonair! Too cute!

Damselfly said...

Ah, dressing boys. Where's all the fashion love for them? I've had this conversation with two moms at two different times in the past few weeks.

And you know what? I hate sweater vests that seem to be the mainstay of almost every dressy little-boy outfit. There, I said it.

Your boys are so cute! They almost remind me of the Blues Brothers.

I hope your sister's wedding goes (went?) great!

Kristin said...

What awesome suits! They are adorable all dressed like little men!

Karen said...

Somehow, I thought I had read this post. They are darling!!! Love your men in black!!!