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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother of the year

Adam is frequently bored these days. He seems to need constant brain stimulation or else he starts whining or picking on his younger siblings. For the first time I am starting to question my decision to not put him in preschool because I think he is just not challenged enough anymore and needs to be learning new things. Thank goodness he starts school in a few months.

Car rides are especially painful to him. 2 minutes into any drive the barrage of questions begin. "Are we there yet? How long is it going to take to get there? Why do we always have to go places in the car?"

So the following conversation from a day of running errands should not come as a surprise to anybody.

Adam: "I am tired of riding in the car. Why is this taking so long?"

Me: "Because I like to torture you. It is my goal in life to torture you."

Adam: (in an extremely whiny tone) "Well, why do you want to torture me?"

Me: "Because it's my prerogative as a parent to do so."


orangemily said...

Yeah, he is one smart kid.
As parents our only joy is to torture don't you know!

Bonnie said...

Bring that kid to live with me. I've never heard him open his mouth to say anything!

Damselfly said...

Let me count the ways.... :)

Kara Thacker said...

I'm thinking the preschool only would have provided you with a scheduled break...that would get in the way of other things... Smart kid that he is! Good luck with kindergarten...for you not him, he'll do fine, the new questions you'll get on the other hand... tell your husband turn about was fair play and its coming back to him!