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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you

Took my 5 year old to his pre-kindergarten doctor appointment today.

First he totally failed the eye exam.

Then he told the doctor that he's not a good eater. (at least he was being honest)

And then came the REALLY fun part-his immunizations.

The Medical Assistant felt pretty confident that she could hold his legs AND give him his shots (all 4) if I would just hold his arms. Apparently she's never met my child. It only took her a moment to realize, as he was simultaneously screaming and crying at a decibel level just above that of a screaming banshee, while thrashing around violently, that she would have to call in backup.

Despite my reassurances that it would be over quickly and that he could have just about anything he wanted when he was done it still took 3 of us to restrain him. I tried to get him to sing with me and when that didn't work I tried simply singing calm songs in his ears. It didn't work.

Once they were finished and opened the door to go get the candy bowl two more medical assistants walked in to coo and coddle over him and make sure he was okay. One was even in tears she felt so bad for him.

Needless to say I was not his best friend today.

He limped around the rest of the day and made sure he told everybody he saw that his legs hurt because he got shots today.

I like to look on the bright side if anybody should ever try to kidnap my child I now know they won't get far.

(does that make me terribly morbid that I would even have that thought?)


Annj said...

That is funny. It is really amazing at how strong they are even from day one.

Ryan said...

Poor think it's all psychological too.

orangemily said...

Morbid no. What a crazy experience! Did you have the other kids with you? Does he need glasses?

Emilee said...

honesltly, i cant imagine him being that loud...he is so sweet!