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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday was just warm enough to give me real hope that spring was actually on the way. Although it was only around 55 degrees the kids all wore shorts and played outside in the sandbox for hours.

Apparently the kids are as ready for warm weather as I am.

Adam: When can we get the swimming pool out to play in again.

Me: Well, it needs to get a little warmer first. Today it's only 55 degrees outside. It needs to be at least 85 degrees outside before we get the swimming pool out

Adam: Well, when will that be?

Me: I don't really know. You'll have to ask the weatherman.

Several hours later, as I folded laundry Adam sat deep in thought. Out of nowhere he said "Mom, can I have a (he asks for something I don't understand?"

Me: You want a what?

Adam: A weather chart, like you and daddy have, so that I know when it's 85 degrees.

How can I say no to that kind of request?


Michael said...

Does this mean you will ask Adam for the weather all the time instead of me?

orangemily said...

Very astute. I want your magic weather chart too, but only if it predicts the real weather.

HeidiPie said...

Brilliant. Can you get me one that says 72 every day?

Annj said...

I am with Heidi on that one.