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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A 4 year old's version of entitlement

I never used to buy kids meals for my kids. Typically when we ate fast food they would each get an order of 99 cent crispy chicken nuggets from Wendy's. And if they were really luck an order of 99 cents fries to share. No soda. No toy inside. Just deep fried breaded chicken. And life was good.

Then, about 2 months ago, for some reason I still don't understand we went to McDonald's. (or, as my children like to call it, Old McDonald's) And I got them each a Happy Meal. With fries. And a drink. And a toy inside.

So tonight we grabbed some fast food for dinner because I was on a cooking strike and Adam ended up with an order of crispy chicken nuggets.

When we got home and I placed his nuggets in front of him the first thing he said to me was "Where is my drink that came with my nuggets?"

"We didn't get drinks tonight. Just the nuggets."

"Well, did I get a game or a toy with my nuggets?"

"Um, no toy either. Just the nuggets tonight."

"Well, I like when I get a toy."

How did I let it come to this? And how do we get back to where we were before?


Ryan said...

Put one of his old toys in a plastic baggie and plop it in front of him with the food?

orangemily said...

I don't know how you get back. Moira still only gets the 99 cent nuggets and like you said if she's lucky we share 99 cent fries. I have been enjoying the free rootbeer float coupons on the back of the Wendy's receipt, yumm!

Jen said...

my son calls it Old MacDonalds too.

Bonnie said...

I'm impressed that you take your kids to Old McDonalds... Caiyn does 't even know about that place. She has been raised on Wendy's... but there's nothing better than a 'BIG MAC'

HeidiPie said...

Yeah, how do you go back? If you figure it out let me know, I'm sure my day will come. I think I'll try out Ryan's idea if it ever happens to me.