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Monday, August 25, 2008

Paper, rock, scissors

The conversation my husband had with my two oldest children tonight. (while I sat in the other room giggling.)

splash, splash, splash (did I mention the kids were in the tub?)

Dad: "Okay, who's ready to get cleaned?"

Adam: "Zoey first!!!"

Zoey: "No, Adam first!!!!"

Dad: "Okay, pick a number between 1 and 10."

Zoey: "10"

Adam: "Um, um, um, I pick 10 like Zoey."

Dad: "You can't pick 10 like Zoey."

Adam: "Why? I want 10 like Zoey."

Dad: "Because you have to pick a different number than Zoey picks."

Adam: "But I want 10 just like Zoey."

Dad: "But that messes up the game we're trying to play."

Adam: "Well, we want to mess up the game."

Dad: "Okay, okay. Let's do this then. Can you do this?"

shows them how to to rock, paper, scissors.

the kids mimic what he is doing.

Dad: "Okay, now on the count of 3 you have to pick one of those things to do. Ready? 1....2....3"

Dad throws rock, so do both kids.

Dad: "Let's try again. You don't have to do just rock. You can do any one of the three. Ready to try again? 1....2.....3"

Dad throws paper, so do both kids.

Dad: "No, no, no. Don't just do what I do. Pick a different one to do."

Adam: "But we like doing the one you do."

Dad: "But that messes up the game again. You each have to do something different."

Adam: "Okay. Daddy this time you do the rock and I'll do the paper and Zoey will do the scissors.:

Dad: "Oh never mind. Zoey, you're first. Let's wash your hair."


HeidiPie said...

LOL!! Sometimes it's just so funny how we try to make up games..only to have them thwarted by the little ones.

Ryan said...

Adam would choreograph everything.

Karen said...

That is hillarious! Poor Mike didn't stand a chance.

orangemily said...

I love the "dad" way of doing things!