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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Future rock climber

Harrison is my climber. He still doesn't walk yet, but he climbs EVERYTHING. He curls his little toes around anything and everything and scales it like he's the most experienced rock climber around.

Last night he sat and watched the older kids playing on the slide until he just couldn't take it anymore at which point he wriggled out of my lap and went to join in on the fun.

This was the first time he had tried climbing the slide, and you see how easily and quickly he was able to do it. I'm telling you, future rock climber! Is that an Olympic sport?


orangemily said...

Holy Cow Harrison the climberoo! He just goes up and down like it's no big thing!

An Ordinary Mom said...

If it isn't an Olympic sport hopefully it will be when he is old enough to compete :) !!

Jen said...

I have a couple of those climber too.

HeidiPie said...