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Thursday, August 14, 2008

breakfast conversation

Here is the scene at my breakfast table this morning.

Zoey: Eating a dinner roll for breakfast

Adam: "Zoey, that roll looks like a mouse for a computer."

Zoey: "Yea."

Adam: "Hey Zoey, hold your roll like a mouse and I'll take a picture." shapes left hand into a circle (because he has a pop tart in his right hand) and puts it up to his eye. "click-click. Wow, that was a great picture."

Zoey: "I wanna see!"

Adam: turns a flat palm towards his sister as if showing her the LCD screen on some invisible camera.

And I just have to ask, do I really say stuff like that?


Karen said...

That's funny stuff. I know the parroting in this house has made wonder about myself quite often

orangemily said...

Holy cow that is hilarious!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Too funny.

The technology our kids are growing up with is crazy!?!