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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Smile pretty for the camera

cute kids, soft focus

I have hundreds of snapshots of my children. But the above portrait is the one currently hanging on my front room wall. Because it's the most current one I have. And this particular photo session was over a year ago. So, I thought it was time to update my wall portraits.

And then I remembered why it had been a year since we last attempted portraits. Because you know that old adage they use in Hollywood, never work with kids or animals? Well, it's because of kids like mine!

Because I pick out cute clothes and try to make sure they are napped and fed and I have brilliant ideas in my mind of how they are going to turn out. But inevitably they always turn out something like this:

Get me out!

I can still hear Zoey screaming as Adam tries to climb out of the picture.

or this:

I can tell this is going to be fun!

What is up with that look on Zoey's face? And apparently Adam was concerned about being included in the picture.

Or my personal favorite:

No more pictures, PLEASE!

Don't they just look tortured?

Why I can't I have a nice portrait like this to hang on my wall. I would order a HUGE canvas of that print.

Or one like this, because they may not smiling, but it still looks great! Because at least nobody is crying.

These girls sat in a truck. So why wouldn't mine sit in a wheel barrow? Why? Why?

Of course there are a few gems. See, we were trying to get Zoey to lean against the fence all coy like.

you want me to do what?

And, as you can see, she just wasn't getting it.

So of course, the older sibling felt it was his responsibility to show her how.

cute smile, now can you set down the toy?

And he did a great job, too bad he's still holding that stinking train that I kept begging him to put down!

Oh well. Now you'll all understand when I don't send out Christmas cards with a family portrait on it.


Anonymous said...

Angelic children photos are overrated. Every year we go for a grandkid picture for Father's Day. Every year there is at least one kid that worries us (usually mine) and every year there is always at least one in the picture who is crying. I love it! It's true to life--especially when out of 20 cousins, all but one are under 8 (most of them under 5). I keep the wacky pictures along with the good ones--they all get a frame here and there. :)

Karen said...

I love the wheelbarrow picture. It's so real, candid, and fun. The best part is, it captures parenthood and childhood at it's alarming height of portrait taking fun. It kind of makes me think of three cats in a wheelbarrow. :) I actuall might have to frame that one.

Ryan said...

I'm with Karen all the way. Who wants picture perfect pictures, bring on the fun! Would the Ice Cream picture have the same fame if nobodies head had been cut off?

Dana said...

Great pictures are not just luck....okay, they usually are when it comes to kids. But it comes with frequency.

Take MORE pictures. Eventually you will get something great. Best advice...get someone else to hold the camera and you corral the kids with love. Bubbles are fun. So are giant lollypops and ice cream cones!

Nicole said...

Yea, my aunt was wielding the camera and my mom and I were both trying to "entertain" the kids. And she took 166 pictures total. I really just think my kids are extra difficult. I think that comes from their father's side of the family. :)

orangemily said...

They are dressed really cute! And I like your picture ideas.
I agree with Ryan and Karen.

Megs said...

I like the one with Adam. Even if it has his car. It shows what he is into. Quite a few of Spencer's Pictures have cars in them. And the one of just Zoey is cute too. Love how she is sticking out her stomach. CUTE!

Oh well, I am going to have Katie take pictures when we head over in a couple of weeks. We will see how they go. And then at Tghanksgiving we will do our Family. What fun!

Em said...

ok, those are funny! i hate taking pics too! it is so hard to get a nice one! and even worse, i dont know what i am doing, and i dont want to pay for one. i do love the sleeping pics up top too, that is so funny your kids can sleep anywhere! mine cant!