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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There's no June Cleaver here!

I think Zoey must get up in the middle of the night, sneak downstairs, turn on the TV and watch old re-runs on Leave it to Beaver on TV-Land. I don't know where else she gets her ideas about how mothers act, because she certainly doesn't get such crazy notions from me!

Let me back track just a moment. See, for a very long time Zoey didn't play with girl toys. Like at all. She had a doll or two but they stayed on her shelf most the time because she preferred to play cars and trains.

But in the past few months she's been playing with her "girl toys" more frequently.

Here's where it gets funny though. She goes through a very specific ritual each time the "girl toys" are out. First she has to get all prettied up. She puts on her princess crown and her high heel princess shoes and all the princess jewelry. I mean all of it. Necklaces, rings, earrings, the works. And then, and only then, does she pick up her doll and feed it a bottle, or put it in the stroller to go for a walk.

And I seriously don't know where she has gotten the impression that she has to dress to the nines to take care of her baby. Because it certainly wasn't from me! Most days I wear sweats around the house, and my hair is in a ponytail, if I even bother to comb it. I'm really about as low maintenance as the come! In fact on Sunday I put on eye makeup and Zoey is so unaccustomed to seeing me wear makeup she actually asked me what was wrong with my eyes. I told her I was wearing makeup and asked her if she thought it was pretty. She pulled a funny face and told me no.

So you see, it's not from my stellar example that she gets the impression that mothers dress up in heels and crowns to take care of the baby. Which brings me back to my original assumption. She has a closet addiction to Leave it to Beaver. That, or she's just trying to overcompensate for my lack. I better start saving money now, she may need therapy someday.


Bonnie said...

Good thing you are a mother of the new millennium & not a mother of the 1950's! Barbara Billingsley would be turning over in her grave. Oh wait, she's still alive!

Amber said...

Let her stick around here for a day. Then she'll find out what mothers REALLY look like.

Oh, and BWHAHAHAAH over the pumpkin comment. I think. :-)

Damselfly said...

Wait a minute. Did one of the Disney Princesses have a baby or something?

Karen said...

Oh that is funny! My 1st One is mortified when I don't put make-up on before I take her to school.

orangemily said...

That makes me laugh! What a funny girl.