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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Will the wonder never cease?

This morning Adam was telling me all about his day at Grandma's house yesterday. He's talking along, telling me about this and that, and then he says "And eventually grandpa put his socks and sweater on."

I know that it shouldn't surprise me anymore. Adam is always using big words, and using them correctly. But it still catches me off guard and makes me giggle just a little. Because until you've heard a 4 year old use the word eventually, well, you just really haven't lived.


orangemily said...

I'm glad you're living it up at your house! Smart kid!

Karen said...


Damselfly said...

Wow! That must have surprised you. I blogged about this kind of thing just today. What a smart little cookie!

RLR said...

Have you been corrected yet? As in, "Actually, Mommy, that's an excavator." Yup, my son loves construction equipment and he can name them all!