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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't I feed you enough?

Zoey is constantly eating the food off the baby's tray. But she tries to pretend that she's not. And then she tries to pretend that she's just being helpful when she tells me "the baby is out of goldfish. He needs more goldfish mom." Well yea, because you ate them all you little goldfish thief.

I caught her red-handed last night.


And as if that weren't enough, she also eats the food he drops on the floor.


I feed her. I put food on the table for her and everything. On a plate even. I swear!


I ran upstairs to put some clothes away and things got quiet downstairs, so of course I went to see what was going on. Guess Zoey was hungry again.

"What? I'm not eating before dinner mom, honest!"

What? I'm not eating before dinner.


Ryan said...

Best photo tweaks ever.

orangemily said...

Funny girl!

Principessa said...

oh wow! How funny is that??! When I was at your house on Sunday, Zoey was trying to get some of the Life cereal out of the container it was in. Well, it was close to empty and her arm wasn't quite long enough to get to the cereal. It was quite the traumatic moment for her.

Andria said...

Why do our children have bottomless pits for stomachs? I swear my children are going to bankrupt me with how many times a day they eat. And Daniel is always trying to take Andrew's food and eat it. And we're already feeding the baby rice cereal because he's just so hungry all the time!

I love your pictures! I never get my camera out soon enough to get those kinds of pictures.

Karen said...

She is so cute! Rachael is a little that way. Why have a vacuum when you can have a middle child. :) JK

HeidiPie said...

LOVE IT!! btw your mom held Allie and she says they weigh about the same.