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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Almost better than Disneyland


My kids have had front row seats to the greatest show on earth! And I'm not talking about the circus. My kids have seen trailers and bobcats and cement trucks and pumper trucks up close and personal this week. To a 4 year old who LOVES big trucks and his little sister who LOVES anything her big brother loves it was the most exciting week of their lives!

Adam was excited for DAYS before renting the trailer. He kept asking if it was Saturday yet. And he would tell everybody he saw that on Saturday we were pulling a trailer with mom's car. And on Thursday he had the following conversation with Zoey. "Zoey, you need to go to bed. Then tomorrow will be Friday. And then when you go to bed on Friday and wake up it will be Saturday, and on Saturday mom will pull a trailer with her car.

So very interested

When you're 4 being in the back of a U-haul trailer is almost as much fun as "It's a Small World" but without the annoying song and there are no lines to wait in!

in the trailer

Zoey even got to practice her parade princess wave. (much to her brother's embarrassment)

"what are you doing, Zoey?"

"Zoey, this is a serious work trailer, not a princess float!"

The day the bobcat arrived I was constantly being corrected by the 4 year old.


I lost count how many times he said to me "mom, it's not a bobcat, it's a skid steer." Pardon me, I stand corrected.

And well, the cement pump, going up and over our house to pour cement, well that was just something!

Watching the pumper truck

pump arm, up and over the house

As far as this 4 year old is concerned this was WAY better than Disneyland, because he cries when he sees grown adults wearing cartoon character costumes and won't even ride the merry-go-round at the dentist's office.

Too bad, really. Disneyland would've been a lot cheaper.

Watching the pumper truck


orangemily said...

What fun!
Disneyland may have been cheaper, but think of all the fun everyone will have in the new bacyard!

Karen said...

These are some of the cutest pictures I have seen. I adore your kids.

Em said...

you got some good photog skills there too, nicole! and i cant belive you didnt have a present! jk, i feel that way about just having 2 kids!