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Friday, July 11, 2008

to further prove my point

My previous post was all about how I must not feed Zoey enough. I try, honest I do. But apparently she is a growing girl. (or she just likes the goldfish crackers I give the baby better than the carrots and apples on her own plate.)

This morning I watch her pick up a tiny crumb off her bedroom floor. (I had let them eat a snack in there while I took my shower) She came to me and said "mom, what's this."

I told her "it's yucky garbage. go throw it away."

She says "okay" turns around and as she is walking away from me I see her put it in her mouth and eat it.

I just can't win.


Karen said...

Look out!! That girl sounds more and more like Racheal in that regard. There is no way she will ever be as disgusting. (I have to say this for yours and my sanity.)

Karen said...

How do you like that... I didn't even spell my own daughters name right.

Nicole said...

Woman, you are on vacation and you can't think of anything better to do than read my blog? I'm not THAT good a writer! Go vacation!!!!

Megs said...

Aren't kids good vacuum cleaners? Anya now that she is crawling is constantly putting things into her mouth. And if I cant get her to eat in the High chair, i just have to put her onto the floor and put her cheerios there or whatever I am feeding her. And she eats it!

orangemily said...

Yummm, garbage! Has she been watching Sesame Street?