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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can't see the forest for the trees

Tonight while trying to get the kids into pajamas Zoey told me "Mom, we're pretending your bedroom is a forest."

I said, "Yea? What's in a forest?"

I was not sure she knew what a forest is, and so I was testing to see if she would say trees. Instead she said "A scary monster."

Yea, I guess forests might have those, too. Perhaps they've been reading too much fantasy fiction.


Annj said...

I enjoy reading your blogs about your kids becasue I like how you teach them to figure things out and think for themselves and be creative. It is neat.

Damselfly said...

If I was a scary monster, I would totally be in a forest.

Andria said...

Well, I hope they were there to tame the scary monster. My boys are at the point that there is always a scary monster in the dark, and I've just told them to say "Boo!" to the monster and then the monster will go away. And they believe it!